What does being gay mean?

Being gay (or being homosexual) means a person is sexually and romantically attracted to their own sex.

*'Gay' is a popular term for homosexual, usually used to describe male homosexuals.

*A woman who is attracted to other women is known as a lesbian, though some people use the word 'gay' to describe homosexual men and women.

*If a person is attracted to both sexes they are known as bisexual. People who are attracted to their opposite sex are known as heterosexual or straight.

Am I Gay?

Nobody fully understands yet what determines sexuality. Most believe that homosexuality is genetic; we’re born gay, bi or straight. Some people believe that sexuality is influenced by childhood events and environmental conditions around a child as he/she grows up, while some believe it’s a mixture of biology and environment. You might hear the term, 'nature or nurture' being mentioned around this topic. This simply means 'born gay, or made gay by external environmental conditions'.

Sexuality is a basic part of our 'being', of who we all are, but it doesn't define us as a person. We are much more than our sexuality. It should be given the relevance it deserves.

Some people believe that homosexuality is an unnatural deviation from what’s considered 'normal' and therefore attribute it to an odd choice made by the individual.

I have yet to meet anyone who decided to be gay, or decided to be straight for that matter. It’s possible that a bisexual person might choose one sex over the other at any stage in their lives. It’s often the case though that a bisexual is more attracted to one gender than another, though this might not be fixed throughout life. A person can’t opt out of their sexuality, or opt into another.

Is being Gay bad, or does it mean I'm less then a straight person?

No, no and no. But some people disagree. Some people see being gay as an unnatural thing, a deliberate choice, something weird or bad.

Societies attitude toward gay people, especially within the Travelling community is often linked to religious teachings. These may have conservative and negative views on homosexuality, though this certainly isn’t always the case.

Beside this, some people are simply small minded and prejudice. Homophobia is the fear or dislike of homosexual people, and it can be encountered anywhere, much like prejudices against Travellers in general. It is a shame that people who have in general encountered hate about how they were born, would be kinder to others born slightly different then the majority.

Homosexuality isn’t inherently evil, bad or wrong any more than heterosexuality is. People aren’t born bad. It’s the decisions we make, it’s how we treat each other. Sexuality is no measure of a person's value or moral standing.

Sex and love are a natural and wonderful part of life to be enjoyed, whether by opposite-sex or same-sex couples. Gay relationships can be loving, nurturing and lasting. Beside the lack of biological children, same-sex couples can enjoy the same sort of lives as heterosexual couples - if that's what they want - or they can forge their own path.


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