Developing a national model for gay/bisexual individuals within the Traveller community.

  • The Problem

It is a sad fact that gay and bisexual Travellers, like many other ethnic minority populations form a group of people at high risk for STI/HIV infection and with a disproportionately high death rate due to AIDS and sexual health related issues.

The same principles can be readily applied to the emotional, psychological and social sensitivities of Travellers who relate to the LGBT orientation.  

By virtue of living hidden, invisible lives, they are termed "hard to reach".

  • The Project

The experience of many major health organisations support the above theory and show that effective models of AIDS/STD prevention, as well as self esteem, social assertiveness, LGBT issue education and suicide prevention are ones that are designed and implemented by gay/bisexual, ethnic minority individuals themselves, and not always interventions from the outside.

Part of this sites goal is to set up and provide in part a technical assistance to community based organizations, specifically by:

  1. Help develop educational workshops and conducting culturally-specific trainings;

  2. Sharing resources cross-culturally and working across ethnic lines to establish unified advocacy;

  3. Organizing our people into a powerful advocacy network.

We at G.T believe that only programs that actually increase healthy visibility and permit active involvement by members of the community will help to overcome barriers that arise from the isolation of hidden individual existence.

In order to overcome socially reinforced barriers such as institutionalized homophobia, strong examples of leadership from courageous Gay/ Bisexual and Transgender Travellers are needed in order to garner a wider community acceptance of prevention campaigns, and the authentic human issues they represent.

**Still in construction